Item #25: Tour Of The Old Chatham Courthouse And Neighbourhood

Item #25: Tour Of  The Old Chatham Courthouse And Neighbourhood

The Stanley Avenue neighbourhood is the oldest area in the city of Chatham. There are a myriad of stories that could be told about it. Jim and Lisa Gilbert, between them, have almost 90 years of experience in researching, programming and presenting history. They will be your guides for a personalized tour of this most interesting neighbourhood.

They will cap this tour off with a visit to the courthouse and jail. Built in 1850, this building is now owned by Dan Warrener, and thanks to him and his son Carson, the building will be open for a private tour by Scott Morrow, and more history by the Gilberts. You can take yourself and nine of your friends on an unforgettable experience in the Land Across the Creek.

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Minimum Bid Increment: $10 / Donor: Carson Warrener / Tour Leader, Demonstrator, Etc.: Lisa & Jim Gilbert / Maximum Number Of People: 10 / Length Of Time: Approximately 2-3 hours / Restrictions On Use: None / Special Instructions: None / Days And Times Item May Be Used: Through mutual arrangement / Latest Date The Donation Can Be Used: Autumn 2020

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