Item #15: Learn To Juggle In One Hour

Item #15: Learn To Juggle In One Hour

Learn to juggle with your friends ― 10 people maximum.

Juggling is fun, relaxing, and challenging. It impresses people at parties. You can juggle while walking (easy), sitting down (harder), and lying down (hardest).

You will learn three things in the hour.

1. Whether you really want to juggle.

2. How to get three balls going, if only for a short time ― perhaps a very short time.

3. How to practice to make yourself into a competent three-ball juggler.

You will be lent juggling balls for the lesson. Bring your own, if you have them.

Treat your friends ― or have them bid, too. If they win, they can treat you!

To find out more about the donor, visit the website.

Quick Details

Minimum Bid Increment: $5.00 / Donor: The Veranda / Tour Leader, Demonstrator, Etc.: Clair Culliford / Maximum Number Of People: 10 / Length Of Time: 1 hour / Restrictions On Use: None / Special Instructions: Bring balls if you have them / Days And Times Item May Be Used: Arrangements to be decided / Latest Date The Donation Can Be Used: July 2020

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  1. Thanks for you bidding. Online bidding is finished. In-person bidding is from 8 to 9 p.m. tonight at Thames Art Gallery.