Information For Donors

Information For Donors

This page has information for businesses, organizations, and individuals who are interested in being a donor.

1. You stipulate how the item you donate will be used by the winner. Tell the CCCA the dates the item can be used, any restrictions, any special instructions (Your clothes may get dirty!), etc., and the CCCA will ensure people understand your rules before they bid. You add these below in “Please Fill In This Form.”

2. Your business, organization, or personal name will be seen by all who look at the list of items to bid on, both online and at the in person auction.

3. Your business, organization, or personal name will be read aloud and you will be thanked at the in person auction. If you attend (you’re invited!), you can wave when your name is read and be applauded in person.

4. The CCCA will notify you by phone and email of the name, phone number, and email address of the winner of your item on the day after the auction.

5. It is up to the winner to contact you to make arrangements to use their item. Here’s what winners will be told: “You will be given an email address and phone number to use to contact the donor. Please email and call (both, just to be safe) soon after the in person auction. They’ll be waiting for you.”

6. Please send us a few digital images we can use to promote your item email. Email them

a copy of your logo, if you are a business or organisation

a photo of yourself, tour guide, demonstrator…

a few images that illustrate your item

Make them a good size. Images reduce well but cannot be expanded.

7. Finally, please answer the questions below. The information, other than your email address and phone number, will go on the website.

Just copy and paste questions 1 to 16, add your answers, and email to

Below the questions you’ll see “How You Can Further Help The Auction ― Easily!”

Please Answer These Questions

Leave blank any questions that don’t apply.

1. Business, organization, or personal name: ____

2. Name of tour leader, demonstrator, etc. (if applicable): ____

3. Your email address: ____

4. Your phone number: ____

5. Title of the item you will donate: ____

6. A brief description of the item you will donate: ____

7. Length of time for item (if tour, demonstration, etc.): ____

8. Maximum number of people (The CCCA has decided that 10 is the maximum. Decide lower, if you like): ____

9. Estimated value of item: ____

10. Days and times item may be used: ____

11. The latest date the donation can be used: ____

12. Restrictions on use: ____

13. Special instructions: ____

14. Your web address, so people can find out what you do: ____

15. Don’t forget to attach a photo. Thanks.

16. If you have questions, please add them here: ____

How You Can Further Help The Auction—Easily!

You can help promote the auction on social media—or in person. See Help Promote The Auction—Easily!