The Auction ends at 9 p.m. on Friday, July 26. Bid soon!

Thank you for supporting the Chatham-Kent Museum, Kiwanis Theatre, Thames Art Gallery, ARTspace, and Milner Heritage House.

The Chatham Cultural Centre Association invites you to take part in our “Experiences & Activities” silent auction. The money raised will help support educational activities at the Chatham-Kent Museum, Kiwanis Theatre, Thames Art Gallery, ARTspace, and Milner Heritage House.

Bid on entertaining, informative, and unique experiences and activities: tours, meals, demonstrations, lessons, and so on. The list of items you can bid on is below.

There are three ways to bid: online (starting on July 8 and ending at 5 p.m. on July 26), in person at the in-person auction at the Thames Art Gallery (on July 26 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) ― or both! Bidding is easy and fun. The instructions are below.

You can easily help promote the auction on social media. See below for how.

The in-person auction is part of ARTcrawl. Come and enjoy yourself at the Crawl and the Auction!

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How To Bid

Take your choice of the online auction, the in-person auction ― or both!

How To Bid Online

Bidding is easy. No credit card required ― you arrange to pay after you’ve won.

Bid as many times as you like. Bid on as many items as you like. Have fun!

To bid, look at “Items To Bid On” below and find an item that interests you. Click or tap on the “Read More & Bid” link at the end of the brief description of the item. The link takes you to the page with all the information about the item.

Once you get there, you’ll see how easy bidding is.

There are further details in the “Bidding Instructions” link located just above the Bid Box where you add your bid.

Details are…

How To Know If Someone Has Added A Higher Bid On Your Item

How To Know If You’ve Won

What To Do If You Want To Win But Can’t Attend The In-Person Auction

How To Pay For and Pick The Voucher For The Item You Won

How To Make Arrangements With The Donor Of The Item You Won

How You Can Help Promote The Auction ― Easily!

Note: Online bidding begins on Monday, July 8 and stops at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 26, when ARTcrawl begins.

How To Bid In Person

Decide on the item or items you like in “Items To Bid On” below and attend the auction at the Thames Art Gallery on July 26. The final online bid (online bidding ends at 5 p.m. on July 26) is the opening in-person bid.

Bring some friends! The auction is from from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The Gallery has food, drink, and music.

You can pay by cash, cheque, and e-Transfer.

You can help promote the auction on social media ― or in person. See “Help Promote The Auction” immediately below.

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How To Help Promote The Auction ― Easily!

There are three ways to help.

1. You can help by following our social media platforms and liking, sharing, and retweeting what we say about the auction.

CCCA on Facebook

CCCA on Twitter

CCCA on Instagram

If you’d like to easily find our latest posts to share them, type #chathamcca into the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram search bars. There are the posts!

There is also a Facebook Event you can use and share.

2. You can help by emailing, texting, messaging, etc. your friends with the link to our website:

3. Of course, you can tell people in person, too! If you like, tap or click on Auction Handouts, print the PDF that appears, cut along the lines, and hand them out. People appreciate a reminder.

Thank you.

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Items To Bid On

Note: Please click or tap the “Read More & Bid” link in each item for more information and a full-sized photo.

Item #1: A Tour Of The Chatham Capitol Theatre

We’ll take you up and down and behind the scenes. You can stand on stage and entertain your fellow tour members. Join the hunt for the ghost ― or is it ghosts!… Read More & Bid

Item #2: What’s The Buzz About Bees?

Mike from Summer’s Gold Honey will take your group of 8 on a tour of their state of the art processing and packing facility. You will load up in vehicles and head to one of their bee yards… Read More & Bid

Item #3: Expert Clock Repair

Have you a favourite clock that needs help to keep the correct time ― or to work at all? I can repair old clocks, new clocks, grandfather clocks… Read More & Bid

Item #4: Old Time Kitchen Party Band (Thames River String Band/La Tranche)

A private concert consisting of two hours of toe-tapping traditional Celtic, French, and American music performed by an eight-piece string band… Read More & Bid

Item #5: Home Decoration Or Staging Consultation

We will help you fall in love with your home once again with our personalized shopping and decorating consultation service. Update a room or an entire home… Read More & Bid

Item #6: One Hour Tattooing from Left Wing Tattoos

Your tattoo will be custom designed by a professional tattoo artist. Bring your ideas and let 15 years of experience bring them to life… Read More & Bid

Item # 7: A Downtown Chatham Walking Tour

The DCWT will take you up King Street, into Tecumseh Park, and back along the Thames River. You and a maximum of nine of your friends will see and hear about the area’s… Read More & Bid

Item #8: Private Group Yoga Session by Yoga Glow Studio

A private group session for you and 9 of your closest friends. The class will be created for your group ― beginner, gentle, stretch, flow or restorative. You choose!… Read More & Bid

Item #9: The Art Of  Tea Presentation at Tea Connection

Come learn about tea from expert Alan Mcintyre. You will hear about the history of tea and why is tea good for you. You will learn about loose leaf versus bagged…. Read More & Bid

Item #10: Black Mecca Walking Tour

Discover the area that was once deemed the “Coloured Man’s Paris” (Rev. R. Disney). Learn about the early Black settlers who helped build Chatham-Kent. Walk the area…. Read More & Bid

Item #11: Girls Nite In—Beginner Belly Dancing Lesson

The lesson will include a brief bit of the history of Belly Dancing, a demonstration of a few different styles of the dance, and a look at the base movements and the library of movements… Read More & Bid


An intimate concert of *stories to songs* provided on-site in a calm and soothing environment here at our lovely studio with Julie Ross and a few friends… Read More & Bid

Item #13: Friends and Fun Watercolour Workshop

A maximum of six students will fill the tables comfortably in my Studio, learning to paint in Watercolour with all materials provided… Read More & Bid

Item #14: Spfx Makeup Severed Hand

Horrify your friends at Halloween with a realistic, detailed replica of your severed hand and wrist. We will cast your hand in silicone, paint it to look just like yours, then add grisly details…. Read More & Bid

Item #15: Learn To Juggle In One Hour

Learn to juggle with your friends ― 10 people maximum. Juggling is fun, relaxing, and challenging. It impresses people at parties. You can juggle while walking (easy)…. Read More & Bid

Item #16: Try The Pottery Wheel

Always wanted to try throwing pottery on a wheel? Here is your chance. I will demonstrate how to throw a bowl and a mug, then you will get to try it on your own…. Read More & Bid

Item #17: Wine & Cheese Tour of Buxton

A full tour of the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum for 4 with delectable wine and cheese. This will include a signed book from a local author and…. Read More & Bid

Item #18: “PICK, PRESS, PRESERVE” ― The Inaugural VisitCK Signature Experience

A 2½ hour experience where participants personalize their own flower press made from local, reclaimed wood. They will have a personalized tour of our garden… Read More & Bid

Item #19: Experience Chatham-Kent Wines At A Time And Place Of Your Choosing

Build a festive experience on six bottles of wine from Chatham-Kent’s award-winning winery, Early Acres Estate Winery. Pair three bottles of “Red Affair” ― a Cabernet Franc / Chambourcin…Read More & Bid

Item #20: Lawn Bowling Experience/Training For Group Of Four

Your group of four will join four Chatham Lawn Bowling Club members for instruction, play on the green at Tecumseh Park, and enjoy social time in our clubhouse… Read More & Bid

Item #21: Gourmet Picnic for Two

Classic Picnic Lunch for Two with Pan Bagnat, salads, crudites, fruits, cheese and sweets… Read More & Bid

Item #22: Behind-The-Scenes Visit To Classic Vehicle Restoration Workshop Plus Ride In Vintage Car

Proprietor Stan Uher lives and breaths antique vehicles. Working since 1989 in his small workshop in Blenheim, he has restored some of the rarest vehicles in existence… Read More & Bid

Item #23: Capitol Theatre Tickets

You can win four tickets to your choice of one of nine exciting shows at the Chatham Capitol Theatre… Read More & Bid

Item #24: Experience A Home-Cooked Meal Without Doing The Cooking While Relaxing With A Bottle Of Local Wine

What’s 4 Dinner supplies family-sized homemade cooked meals, soups, baked goods and scrumptious desserts. Early Acres Winery supplies a bottle of 2016 “Just Chillin’” aromatic, floral, spicy Geisenheim (white) wine…Read More & Bid

Item #25: Tour Of  The Old Chatham Courthouse And Neighbourhood

The Stanley Avenue neighbourhood is the oldest area in the city of Chatham. There are a myriad of stories that could be told about it. Jim and Lisa Gilbert, between them, have almost 90 years of experience…Read More & Bid